New Story Published!

Okay friends, I haven’t been on here in quite a while.  I need to remedy that.  I also want to tell you to take a moment to check out the latest on Monkey Bicycle.  I have a new story published there.  It’s called “Antiques & Other Sundries.”  (I’m refraining from posting links, as linking in the past led to crashing of page, so maybe just use the Google…sorry about that.)

Keeping up with this blog while not having internet at home can sometimes be challenging, especially when I know that I need to make sure that my fiction writing is getting done.  Lately it seems like I start a bunch of go nowhere stories that start rambling on, but with no apparent momentum.  That’s the tricky bit about creative stuff.  It’s not logical and sequential like solving a math problem.  At least, it is not that way for me.  Instead, what I get is a big unwieldy cloud of ideas that sometimes condense and solidify into something special and other times just diffuse out into nothing.  I’m pretty sure my best ideas are lost when I am least focused and able to actually write them out, i.e. while driving or operating heavy machinery.  (In this case, “heavy machinery” most likely translates to exploring the alarming number of mystery buttons on my home printer.)

Anyway, check out the new story while I troubleshoot this writer angst.  Comment on it if you want to, or just creep on it and say nothing.  Either way.  It’s cool.


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