Tax Apocalypse Averted!

Today was spent doing my taxes online.  This sounds pretty straightforward, especially considering that I can use a 1040ez form.  I’m guessing that the average human being can master these forms in something like 30 minutes.  For me, it takes hours and causes an amount of stress that is jarring to most onlookers.

Every year, I get a refund.  Maybe not a super sizable amount, but something.  Still, the horror of the paperwork is not offset by the cash reward.  Perhaps if I was being paid in love and kittens I could summon more enthusiasm.

What is it about referencing all of those little W-2 boxes that is so miserable and discouraging?  Why do I start to feel dread weigh upon me at the first sign of those tear away squares that recite back to me my earnings?

Throughout the process, I have to just keep reminding myself that I am making progress and will be giving myself a reward later for accomplishing this task.  Basically, I have to encourage myself the way a patient, yet irritated mother encourages her neurotic child.  “If you just do this, you will have a special dinner and desert tonight and maybe we can pick out a new toy.”  I’m patronizing myself.  But it works.

So here’s to rewarding myself.  Way to be an adult!  Here’s a nice beer and candy surprise for being so special!

The good news is that this won’t happen again for one whole year.


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