Me in Crowded Places, Having Fun

We go to breakfast and it is super busy.  She picks a booth in a back corner wherein I will be facing the corner away from people and she will be looking out at everyone.  This is ideal.

I like that there are so many happy people banging around and smiling, eating their breakfasts.  I glance at them now and again and it’s nice.  However, if we sat right in the middle, I would feel stressed out and hemmed in by the crowd.  Suddenly, all of these people that from my current distance are so pleasing would become intense, maybe even a little irritating.  I look across the breakfast table and know that she chose this booth because of all of these reasons.

It makes me want to say, “I love you for knowing this about me and for a million other things too, but right now I’m thinking about this.”  It makes me want to say, “I love that you are deliberate and observant and caring. And I love that I am so often just doing and being somewhat cluelessly, that my thoughts are kind of basic.  I’m just happy we’re here in this moment right now.  I love how that combination we have feels like magic.”

What I actually say is, “I’m having the #7.”


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