New Publications!

I have been lucky enough to have four new stories published in three magazines over the past few weeks!  If you are interested, please consider checking them out.

Granola ran “Mother’s Day” and “The Ugly Us.”  The former is a story about a woman who continuously gets pregnant with twins.  Mayhem ensues.  “The Ugly Us” features a couple who runs into their dopplegangers…with unsettling results.

The Pine Hills Review published “Titanic Built for Two,” a piece about recovery from a breakup.  It mingles humor and sadness in an effort to convey ongoing love in the face of absence.

And lastly, Thrice just released “Everything is Always Now, Everything is Always Gone,” a story about a lonesome woman who finds that her childhood toys can come alive.

If you have been busy at work writing too or have a piece you’d like others to read, consider leaving it in the comments!

Thanks for taking the time to read and support my work.  We all need ways to connect with the world around us.


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